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 Sikh Gurus History 

 Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji

 Sri Guru Angad Dev ji

 Sri Guru Amardas ji

 Sri Guru Ramdas ji

 Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji 

 Sri Guru Hargobind ji

 Sri Guru Harrai ji

 Sri Guru Har kishen ji

 Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur ji

 Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji

 Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji


 Chronology of Events part-1


 Bhakti Movement

 Saint Jaidev

 Baba Sheikh Farid Shakarganj

 Bhagat Namdev ji

 Bhagat Kabir Ji

 Invasion of Babar

 The Gurmukhi Script

 City of Ramdaspur/Amritsar

 Bhagat Ravidass ji

 Golden Temple

 Compilation of Adi Granth

 Establishment of Akal Takht

 First Battle of Sikhs

 Festival of Diwali

 Prohibition of Tobacco

 Siege of Anandpur Sahib

 Creation of Khalsa

 Last Stand at Gurdas Nangal

 Dal Khalsa

 Tyrant Wazir Khan

 Invasion of Nadir Shah


 Chronology of Events Part-2


 Invasion of Abdali

 Tyrant Lakhpat Rai

 Lesser Holocaust

 Greater Holocaust

 Atrocities of Mannu

 Atrocities of Zakriya Khan

 War Strategies of Sikhs

 The Sikh Misls

 The Bhangi Misl

 Khalsa Kingdom

 Battle of Naushera

 Nalua and Afghanis

 After Maharaja Ranjit Singh

 The First Anglo Sikh War

 The Second Anglo Sikh War

 Mutiny of 1857

 Affirmation of Sikh Values

 The Nirankari Movement

 The Namdhari Movement

 The Ghadr Movement


   Great Sikh Warriors


 Guru Hargobind ji

 Bhai Bidhi Chand Chhina

 Guru Tegh Bahadur

 Guru Gobind Singh

 Bhai Jivan Singh

 Sahibzada Ajit Singh

 Sahibzada Jujhar Singh

 Bhai Bachchittar Singh

 Chali Mukte

 Mai Bhago ji

 Banda Singh Bahadur

 Bhai Binod Singh

 Nawaab Kapur Singh

 Bhai Tara Singh 'Wan'



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